Syntec offers a full range of Wall Saw Blades for use on hydralulic, hy-cycle and air wall saws. Our split segment and configured blades perform in all types of applications including concrete, reinforced concrete and brick & block.

All blades have a 9-hole pattern that matches both the 3 and 6-hole fittings offered by most other major brands flash mounts.

Wall Saw Blades - Split Segment 13mm
Part No.SizeColor
WSN60018724” x .187”Silver
WSN60022024” x .220”Silver
WSN60025024” x .250”Silver
WSN65018726” x .187”Silver
WSN65022026” x .220”Silver
WSN65025026. x .250”Silver
WSN76018730” x .187”Silver
WSN76022030” x .220”Silver
WSN76025030” x .250”Silver
WSN81018732” x .187”Silver
WSN81022032” x .220”Silver
WSN8102502” x .250”Silver
WSN91418736” x .187”Silver
WSN91422036” x .220”Silver
WSN91425036” x .250” Silver