Crack Chasing Diamond Blades feature wedge shaped segments for incredible cutting speed and exceptional blade life and are designed for cleaning out and repairing / widening cracks or imperfections on a wide range of masonry surfaces.

Tuck Point Diamond Blades are used for fast removal of mortar joints and preparation of any abrasive surfaces like sandstone, lime, render etc. Perfect for routing decorative joints into stone work where cutting the stone proves too time consuming or too difficult

Wet or dry use with angle grinders, circular saws and tuck pointers.

Crack Chasing

Crack Chasers 6.4mm wide x 10mm high
Part No.DiameterColour
CC44” (102mm)Black
CC55” (127mm)Black
CC77” (178mm)Black

Tuck Pointers

Tuck Pointers 6.4mm wide x 10mm high
Part No.DiameterColour
TP44” (102mm)Black
TP55” (127mm)Black
TP77” (178mm)Black