Syntec Diamond Tools core sawing blades are used for sourcing detailed analysis of rock formations in the mining and exploration industry.

We have designed a core saw blade that provides high performance and efficiency.  The blades are available in medium, hard and extra hard bonds and in a 12” and 14” blades.

Core Saw Blades

Hard Material - 2.8mm, 10mm 1” +DP
Part No.DiameterColour
CB1-1212” (305mm)Titanium
CB1-1414” (355mm)Titanium
Medium Material - Silent STD - 2.8mm, 10mm 1” +DP
Part No.DiameterColour
CB2-1212” (305mm)Blue
CB2-1414” (355mm)Blue
Extra Hard Material - Diaset - Silent STD - 2.8mm, 10mm, 1” +DP
Part No.DiameterColour
CB3-1212” (305mm)Charcoal
CB3-1414” (355mm)Charcoal

Special bore on request